One of the modern ways that have been applied in recent times but not in the past is the use of wilderness therapy as a way of advising teens.   The method is highly recommendable for teens though it gives some room for youthful adults below the age of 28 years.   But the therapy is mainly meant for the youthful groups who are in need of a change of behavior.   It is a subset of adventure based therapy which means that the therapy is done outdoors.   Wilderness therapy, however, does not offer the solution to each problem that faces the teens in their daily lives.   The the method works selectively to helps those teens who are interested in self-realization and themselves are interested in doing so. 

The first steps involves placing the learners into groups which is done by experts in the field.   It is important to form groups using few members in order for the groups to have order.   The groups are assigned leaders who act as guides to the troubled teens or adults.   The teens are taken through the process of first accepting themselves and open up on matters that they hold in their minds.   Many challenges may surface at this stage where some will admit to addictions ranging from drugs computers and online games which may have excluded them from the society. 

As earlier outlined the purpose of the therapy is to create self-awareness among the teens and young adults.   Any therapist needs to have enough knowledge on the daily activities carried out by the teens and the challenges facing them.   In order to create a suitable environment the process takes place away from any distraction which constitutes of things like schools, computers and people such as parents and friends.   The teens need only to carry the necessities which will include water food and a sleeping bag. Know more about camping at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-outbound-collective/23-beautiful-american-cam_b_8050738.html. 

The instructor first helps the teens to realize they can control what is under their control and leave what they cannot under their control.   The therapists will give them tangible examples of what they can control and what they cannot.   The the process therefore makes them realize that one has control over some areas in life whereas others are controlled, contact us here! 


Elements traverse Wilderness experience is made up of challenges which when one can solve.   The teens may realize that this challenges they can control or they are controlled.   It is an important way of self-discovery.   From this they can form groups in which they can view their common problems and find ways of solving them themselves.   It is valuable for them also to learn how to confront problems on their own.   Parents ought to offer support to their kids during this therapy.